From hand painted artwork to print

Welcome to my first blog post, this is the place I will share my hints and tips from how to make art of your own to inspiration on the #Colourart journey.

So how do you take an artwork from a watercolour and ink drawing to a printed design which can be printed again and again in an array of colours. So I painted this design in Spring and features a delicate Magnolia flower in pink and rich browns.

Magnolia painting in watercolour

So to translate this into a lino print, draw out the image onto lino, and using specialised cutting tools, cut the design thinking about the textures and details you'd like to print.

Lino cut in progress

Once you are happy with the cut, it's time to print the image and experiment with a variety of colours. Use high quality printing inks, and purchase a roller. I bought the primary colours and black and white which enabled me to mix a variety of colours. Have a sketchbook on hand to try different ideas. Once you set your lino down on your surface press it down firmly, you can buy a special tool, but I just used the back of a spoon.

What colour inspires you?

Think about what inspires you colour wise, my initial inspiration came from this 18th century wallpaper, although I confess I moved away from this in the end. And then play about with techniques and colour. I added a watercolour background to this one and printed the design twice.

First lino print off

Let your imagine go and create designs, have fun with colour and you will quickly produce some lovely, unique pieces of art. I decided to cut a second piece of lino which gave me a second colour to print, which I layered to produce this work.

Play with colour when lino printing

Have fun printing, frame up your favourite, see where your creativity takes you.

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