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I love a mood board........and I'm going to look at why and how a mood board can be your best friend, and the many different ways you can put one together. The whole of the internet is awash with ideas, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, lifestyle articles are everywhere which makes it hard to focus on which look you want.

Online mood boards....the most obvious place to design a mood board is Pinterest. I have many online mood boards @colourart If I want to put together a colour scheme or design look in my home I can create a board, or as a designer I want to look for a colour story, or want to make a birthday cake for my son or daughter I can put together some ideas. But for me, online doesn't always work....

So how about a 3D mood board, I want to put together an travel inspired bedroom, I want it to be soft and romantic and I love the trend in succulent plants which is around at the moment. I chose this photo of my trip to Croatia as a starting point for the colour.

Split Croatia

I need to think about wall colour, bedding, accessories, artwork, flooring, soft furnishings.....great. I think I'll start with the walls......what does the say to me.....soft dusty pink rendered walls, sitting next to rough stone walls, the sky is a soft white with a hint of powder blue so maybe crisp clean white bedding. Pops of green and turquoise from the plants and shutters. Already I have a colour palette, texture and a few ideas.

So next step is to put together a series of ideas onto a mood board. I found a series of items around my home and gathered them together to play about with combination of them until I had covered everything from flooring to the wall colour to the furnishings and accessories.

Once you have gathered the items, colours and textures together arrange them and take a quick photo. Then you can dismantle your 3d mood board and work on your scheme. You can have it on your phone when shopping and sourcing items. It's always with you so you can keep on track with your scheme. It's tempting to deviate but try to keep focused, the colour scheme will work much better.


Choose a photo or picture you love

Find items or colours from your home, DIY store or print photos from online

Arrange them until you're happy with the 'look'

Take a photo

Source everything you need to start

Decorate and dress the room

Admire and share with your friends and family

Now you've sourced all your items the hard work starts with realising the ideas. Have fun with decorating your scheme and stand back and admire the result. Feel free to share any photos of your nearly decorated rooms in the comments on this post.

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